• Device-level control and enterprise scale
  • Browser-based decryption for extreme visibility
  • Big data pattern finding and self-learning rules
  • Advanced reporting that is interactive and easy to use
  • System is autonomous but also integratable with existing SOC, SIEM and other cyber measures
  • Quick start availability as a preinstalled and preconfigured virtual appliance
  • Simple and limited number of required installation steps and internet connections
  • Easy rollout department by department or even device by device as required
  • Layerable onto your existing defensive platform
  • Detects incidents no other system will, in real time
  • Plug and play: No alteration of the company server or network is required to install the client-side interceptor
  • Real-time decryption of encrypted websites immediately and reliably within the browser on each individual device
  • Reliable interceptor which no action by individual users can circumvent
  • Automatic granular monitoring of individual machines - never necessary to separate out data streams
  • Immediate foolproof traceability of captured data to the specific computer it was intercepted from
  • If suspicious activities occur, alerts and access denial are immediate