Conatix CYberSecurity ANAlytics (cysana) innovates in 3 key areas: Data, Analytics and Interface.

We stream the most granular data available, everything on the screen of every endpoint on an enterprise IT network even with tens of thousands of employees, second by second.

That means all the text, image, video in applications and in the browser – unlike other cybersecurity systems that start with highly summarized network-level data.

We solve the hard problem of continuous massive fast data streaming and real-time analysis, on-premise behind your own firewall.

We apply multiple advanced analytics – supervised and unsupervised machine learning, neural networks and business rules – that you can tailor to your specific requirements.

Rather than issuing thousands of unprioritized text alerts per day to system administrators, we visualize the changing health of the IT network in 3D so both departmental and individual levels can be tracked visually.